Sunday, 13 November 2011

I have Moved!

I am happy to announce that I have moved to a new "Blog Home"!

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Mulch which is an important part of organic gardening.  So, I 'harvest' mine from the ones collected by the local council near my home.

I use it for both my compost bin and also as a mulch.

Bags and bags of it everywhere

They collect and gather it here, where I usually help myself ... like a buffet :-)
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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Egg Sandwich

Since I started my Organic Gardening, I have not been too successful with the green leafy vegetables.  So far, the best is my French Beans but that's dying too :-(

The four angled beans and Emperor's Vege or "Chan Choy" or Malabar Spinach (red variety) is the only healthy edible greens I have.  So, I regularly harvest the leaves for an organic meal.

Sweet basil, young leaves of Four Angled Beans and Emperor's Vege with an egg

Egg with bread and chili sauce.... Awesome!

Nothing beats the feeling of eating food from my garden!

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Soil Mix

When I was researching on organic gardening, I stumbled on Square Foot Gardening (SFG).  Its a huge thing in the US but unfortunately, I have just read about it.  I have never heard about it before this. 

I must admit that this is a brilliant idea and EVERYONE can do gardening because it does not need much space.  If you are keen to know more, google it.  There are many discussion and information on it.

One of the revolutionary thing about SFG is the soil mix (Mel's Mix) which almost guarantees the success of crops.  Unfortunately many of the stuffs are either very expensive or inaccessible to me locally.  Its peat moss, vermiculite and varieties of compost all mixed together.  1/3 each.

Instead of Mel's Mix, I use my own mix - using my novice gardening logic.  Weird right?  Peat Moss was replaced with Coco Peat (coconut husk) which I purchased from Sg Buloh for RM5 per sack (guni (?) size), vermiculite was replace with rough sand from hardware shop at RM4.50 per bag, burnt soil at RM1 per bag and lastly 2 types of compost.  The first type of compost, I purchased from Ace Hardware and the other from a friend's husband who produces vermicompost at his factory (That one looks like black gold!).  I probably need to get more of that.  It cost RM9 per bag.  Not sure what's the weight... Maybe 1-2 kg.  If you stay in Selangor and wants that product, send me an email and I will forward her contact to you.

Coco peat is to retain water in the soil

I bought 4 sack of this

Burnt soil

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Compost Bin

Every organic gardener compost their waste. Its almost synonymous when you mention organic gardening.

Well, in that case, I should not be left out!

I researched in YouTube extensively about the subject and decided on an easy and workable system. Chicken wire.

So, a 3 feet diameter chicken wire was purchased.

One thing which is totally wonderful about my residential area, is that the local council takes very good care of the surroundings. Dried leaves are swept regularly and neatly loaded into plastics. I harvest these dried leaves whenever I need them as brown layer for my compost or mulch.

When there are heaps, I feel as if Christmas came early. My son calls me The Dried Leaves Bandit.

Its time to turn the compost. The last time was almost 4 months ago *shy*

Look what I found inside.. after 6 months

The plan is to transfer the other bin to this bin

Here goes.... The turning begins

The bottom of the compost bin. Its not matured compost, yet.  How disappointing.  According to my internet research, its not good to put un-matured compost into the vegetable patch.  There might been bacteria or pathogen.  So, got to wait some more...

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Walking Path, Cement and Pebble Blocks

When I did my house renovation, I wanted to have some unique features and came up with a walking pathway made of cement and printed with Papaya Leaves.  The effect was very nice and quite simple to do.  I requested the Indonesian worker to make the cement block and I printed the Papaya Leaves.  It was like a art and craft session :-)

Walking path with imprints of Papaya Leaves

Inside garden with walking path.  These were completed with pebbles.

Blocks with pebbles and Papaya Leaves imprint

Walking path cement block with Papapa Leaves, just completed

Completed Job!
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